The E-Book: Twitter for Churches

This website promoted Anthony Coppedge's e-book, Twitter for Churches. This site was mentioned in a number of articles about the role of Twitter and the Church. Twitter has really taken off in the intervening years since Twitter for Churches was first offered as is evident by President Trump's frequent use.

The content below is from the site's 2009 -2011 archived pages giving visitors some background and information about Twitter for Churches and its author. Enjoy and view the site its historical context.

Twitter for Churches

This E-Book is about Twitter, a social networking tool that combines the ease of cell phone text messaging with the power of email. The purpose of this book is not to give you one more thing to learn or manage. Rather, the purpose is to provide churches with a *helpful, easy* and *practical guide* to reaching the right people with the right message - for free.

Twitter’s tag line is “What are you doing?” This question is answered, literally, by millions of users throughout the day, every day. Churches can easily provide timely, helpful information and resources to their communities; from small groups to volunteer leaders to ministry participants, Twitter is a very straightforward tool that even the non-technical people in your church can start using in literally a matter of minutes, right from their cell phones.


About This Book

This E-Book is a reality today because of God.

God brought each person along at just the right time to take an idea he birthed in me into a fully developed, supported, designed and web-promoted e-book. I was not smart enough or networked enough to do it, which just makes it that much easier for God to get the credit! Thank you, Father, for this privilege.

The design and layout of my new e-book was done by Nathan Davis (@mediapeople on Twitter). I found Nathan by posting a tweet (a post on Twitter) asking for recommendations for graphic artists interested in design work. One of the people who follows my tweets is Matt Knisely (@mknisely on Twitter). He knows Nathan and recommend him to me via Twitter.

But the story doesn’t end there! Nathan then introduced me to Evan Calkins (@evancalkins on Twitter), a web developer who owns Intrinsic Studio. Nathan breathed life into the E-Book with his excellent design skills, creative illustrations and artistic talent. Evan is the one responsible for the new E-Book website, blog and fun interactive features.

We've shared ideas, made changes and communicated quick bits of info during the development through a combination of Twitter direct messages and email.

Collaboration on a project about Twitter, because of Twitter and through Twitter. That, my friends, is the power - and value - of leveraging a social network like Twitter! Now it's time for you to learn *"The Reason Your Church Must Twitter"*.


About the Author Anthony Coppedge

A passionate leader in the ministry & technology circles, Anthony Coppedge is renowned for his technical and relational skills. His strong partnerships with manufacturers keep him “in the know” about the latest technological changes and developments, while his frequent work with churches provides invaluable real-world ministry experience.

Anthony is a prolific writer and public speaker. His latest e-book, “The Reason Your Church Must Twitter” was released in January 2009. He also frequently contributes to magazines and e-publications such as Sound & Communications Magazine, Pro A/V Magazine, Outreach Magazine, Monday Morning Insight, Leadership Network, Technologies for Worship Magazine and is a featured columnist with Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities Magazine. His blog and books reach thousands of church pastors, worship leaders, media directors and countless church tech volunteers. Anthony has taught at conventions and expos since 1995 including Infocomm, N.S.C.A., N.R.B., N.A.B., TFWM and WFX as well as at a host of regional conferences.

Highly sought after by today’s fast-growing churches, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical know-how to ministries. He’s been the Technology Evangelist for Anthony Coppedge Consulting, a full-service consulting group, since 2003. Anthony has owned both consulting and PR companies, worked for three design/build A/V integration firms and been on staff at three different mega churches.

Anthony is a licensed minister and currently attends and volunteers at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. He, his bride and four children live in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

"I am confident - no matter what type of church you are leading, no matter what type of community you are ministering to, no matter how much you do or don’t like technology - this E-Book will lead to a conversation that needs to be had."

Terry Storch -


Twitter Users are Most Influential Online Group

Its important to remember that the same people who Twitter about their consumer experiences will often be the very same people who tweet about their church experiences both good and bad.

A new study released by ExactTarget finds consumers who are active on Twitter are three times more likely to impact a brands online reputation through syndicated Tweets, blog posts, articles and product reviews than the average consumer. Heres how that breaks down:


Reason to Twitter Company or Brand (% of US Twitter Users)
Reason to Twitter % of Users
Get updates on future products 38%
Stay informed about company activities 32
Receive discounts and promotions 31
Get updates on upcoming sales 30
Ger free samples, coupons, etc 28
For fun or entertainment 26
Get access to exclusive content 25
Learn more about company 25
Show support to company to others 23
Share ideas, provide feedback 20
For education about company topics 14
Recommended 14
Get direct message from company 10
Source: ExactTarget, August 2010


While the information is focused on these tweeting consumer habits, the correlation between tweeting about a company/brand and a local church is very similar. In both instances, the experience determines why theyd tweet about either entity.

In the survey above, its worth noting that of the 13 reason to Twitter the top 8 over half the list are because of a benefit to the consumer. In church speak, this means that the person is interested in what youre doing and is motivated to tweet about you. The implication for churches is to have a constantly updated, useful Twitter feed(s) so they can follow and discover benefits for themselves.

According to the report, daily Twitter users are about three times as likely as internet users on average to upload photos, four times as likely to blog, three times as likely to post ratings and reviews, and nearly six times as likely to upload articles. Church translation: your Twitter followers are sprayers people who will talk about their experiences with your church, share their thoughts, and generally make their feelings known online. In other words, your Twitter users are highly influential and worth your attention.

I think its also important to note that, given some love and attention, these people can be fantastic online advocates for your church and ministries. Raving fans who spread your message for you are exactly the kind of viral messaging you want online.